Thursday, 23 June 2011

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Cape Cod Coliseum
South Yarmouth, MA

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"Incident At Neshabur" alludes to the murder of innocents. 3 Million Vietnamese were murdered during the United States of America's occupation of Vietnam. Many Vietnamese commanders have stated that they were defending their country against a foreign invasion and couldn't care less about political ideologies.
The My Lai Massacre was one of many. 347–504 unarmed citizens in South Vietnam were slaughtered on March 16, 1968, by a unit of the United States Army.  All of the victims were civilians and most were women, children (including babies), and elderly people. Many of the victims were raped, beaten, tortured, and some of the bodies were found mutilated. 26 US soldiers were initially charged with criminal offences for their actions at My Lai, only one was convicted of killing 22 villagers. He served three and a half years under house arrest in a country where the death sentence is frequently meted out to those of a certain colour. Three U.S. servicemen who made an effort to halt the massacre and protect the wounded were later denounced by U.S. Congressmen. Murderous scum that are deemed to be true patriots by those in power, can and do get away with genocide. Does the western world democractically vote for the murder, oppression and exploitation of the weak ???
And they just don't stop. U.S. Bravo Company murder Gul Mudin, an innocent and defenceless 15 years old Afghan boy. 
Amongst the many crimes against humanity commited by U.S. soldiers and U.S. military contractors in Afghanistan , is the throwing of candy out in front and of the rear of Stryker vehicles; the Stryker would then run over any children that tried to pick up the sweets. These scum and their leaders hide behind U.N. resolutions that allows them to operate free of prosecution by the International Criminal Court. United Nations Goddam.


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  2. thankx for sharing, ive always wondered what this song was about, i had read somewhere that Neshabur was a city or a village in Iran, but i dunno

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